We compiled a list of some of the coolest, most unique and most original gadgets on the market. Gadgets are great! But with new products emerging every day, it can be hard to keep up with the latest gizmos and technology.

We test dozens of products every year and these are some of our favorites. This list is loaded with ingenious gadgets that you have probably never heard of because most of these are only available online.

1.Transfer VHS Tapes, Film and Photos to DVD & Digital!

If you have been wanting to preserve your old family photos and videos into digital, but have been putting it off because of the pricey expense, trust us when we say: Get in on this senior special now - before it's too late!

iMemories is the easy and affordable way to preserve your old memories (like VHS Tapes, Film, and Photos) that you want to save for years to come -  and right now it's more affordable than ever because they are running a special promotional discount!
Rest assured, iMemories is 100% Safe! Over HALF-A-MILLION families trust iMemories AND they have never lost anyone's original copies in over 10 years of business! You'll get every original back GUARANTEED!

Simply send your home movies and old photos to iMemories using one of their SafeShip Kits, and iMemories then turns all of them into a digital format and organizes them for you too. Now your memories can easily be viewed, shared and enjoyed by your entire family on any modern device.

And even if they are old, damaged, or in poor condition - iMemories can do it!

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2.FIXD - The Clever Device Preventing Unnecessary Car Repairs

If you’ve ever taken your car in for a routine oil change only to be hit with a laundry list of “recommended” repairs from the mechanic, you’re not alone.

Mechanics know taking advantage of people is easy, but there’s a new device you can keep in your car to tell you exactly why that “check engine light” is on.

Just plug FIXD right into your onboard diagnostics port (typically located under the dash below the steering wheel), download the free FIXD app on your smartphone and you’re done.

The app provides an easy-to-understand explanation of problems, an estimate of what it should cost to fix and consequences that may arise by continuing to drive with the problem. FIXD can even reset that pesky check engine light directly from your phone.

Now the next time your “Check Engine Light” comes on, you’ll know exactly what’s wrong before you visit your mechanic. 

Click here to read more about FIXD and for access to a special 50% off promotion.

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3.Mini Air-Con Takes USA By Storm: (It's Genius)

Summer is wonderful, but long, hot days can quickly become unbearable, especially if you are at work or need to study. Even when the window is open, the sun can quickly transform your office or bedroom into an oven. Sound familiar? 

A cooling breeze is something that we have come to expect in our cars, hotels and shopping malls, and we are all familiar with the amazing feeling of stepping into an air-conditioned room on a hot day. So why not extend the same pleasant experience to our homes and workplaces?

We would like to introduce you to a fast and simple way to cool any room.

The ZenCooler is one of the coolest inventions of 2019. It's easy to set up and operate, and in less than 60 seconds you can enjoy all the benefits of an air conditioned room. 

Visit the ZenCooler homepage to learn more and for access to special promos. 

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4.The PhotoStick - Instant Back Up Your Photos & Videos

The PhotoStick is a clever new gadget designed to protect your photo and video memories. If you store your photos and videos on your computer you know the risks that come with computer crashes, viruses, and power surges. You could have your digital memories wiped out in seconds. The PhotoStick is one of the most in-demand gadgets of 2018 (selling over 1,000 units per day).

This makes a perfect gift for anyone who wants to safeguard their digital memories and doesn’t trust “the cloud”. Using the PhotoStick is easy. Connect this small thumb sized drive to your PC or Mac, press ‘Go’ and it will automatically sync your pictures and videos into the stick. Boom!

Click here to read more about The PhotoStick and check for special promos. 

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5.Bondic: Fix Virtually Anything With This New Product

Think it’s unrepairable? Think again. Bondic allows you to re-attach broken eyeglasses, refill holes in leaky plumbing, and rebuild just about anything – even fine china.  Just apply the unique liquid formula to the damaged area, shine the special UV light on it for only 4 seconds, and voila! The liquid freezes into a rock-solid layer of clear plastic on your command. 

Stop struggling with items that could be an easy fix, and get it done right the first time with Bondic. 

Visit the Bondic homepage to see it in action and check for special promotions. 

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6.AVIO's Next Generation Earbuds - Powerful Without The Big Price Tag

Every wants a pair of premium Bluetooth wireless earbuds, but who wants to shell out $199 for a pair of Apple earbuds? We tested multiple earbud brands from Apple, to Bose, to lower priced brands and the AVIO Wireless Earbuds is one of our favorite earbuds for overall value. 

AVIO's Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds deliver incredible performance for only $79 bucks. These earbuds are perfect for taking hands free phone calls, working out, and delivery high quality sound for only a fraction of the price of designer earbuds. 

The AVIO next generation earbuds have a 3-hour battery life and each set includes a charging case that can power up your buds in just minutes. 

Visit the AVIO homepage to check availability and for special promotions. 

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7.This Summer's Coolest Gadget Under $100

Drones are incredible as a hobby, useful for business, and awesome for recording yourself for Facebook or Instagram. Until now, buyers have had two options, extremely expensive models (Over $500) and cheaper low-quality models. 

The DroneXtreme is the perfect starter drone that’s priced but and includes all the features you need. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and fits right in the palm of your hand. 

With the DroneXtreme you can take beautiful 360 degree panoramic photos and have some fun with it's automatic flight assistance feature to touch down safely, follow people or objects, and even do mid-air stunts and acrobatics. 

Visit the DroneXtreme homepage to learn more and check for special promotions. 

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8.Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner

With over 1.5 million sold, this next gadget is a must have for everyone. Designed specifically for cleaning eyeglasses, sunglasses and reading glasses, Peeps is the world's safest and most tested lens cleaning technology. Peeps groundbreaking invisible carbon microfiber formula will have your glasses as clean as the day you bought them. This is actually the same lens cleaning technology used by NASA.

First is a brush that slides out and wipes any dust or debris off your lenses. Next is a tweezer shaped cleaning tool with two carbon infused microfiber pads. These two pads clean both sides of your glasses simultaneously and are uniquely designed to fit the grooves of your lenses.

Once complete the tool is pushed back into the cap where it automatically recharges and cleans the pads for your next use. Unlike traditional reusable microfiber cloths, you start with a fresh set of pads each and every time (independently lab tested for 500 cleanings).

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9.Whiten Your Teeth In Just 9 Minutes With Snow

Cheaper then Dentists, better than strips. Snow spent years and over $2.3 million in Research & Development to invent the BEST All-in-One Teeth Whitening System.

Snow's all-in-one professional at-home teeth whitening system is one of the best on the market, invested by American dentists and leading engineers. This is a one-time investment and the best teeth whitening product on the market. Never visit the dentist again. 

The Snow system includes an advanced proprietary teeth whitening serum only available online, plus the award winning LED activating technology os you can wear it safely at-home in as little as 9-minutes. Don't ruin your teeth or be upset with poor results from other products.

❄️ Removes wine and coffee stains
❄️ Just 10 minutes a day
❄️ 5-year warranty

Visit the Snow homepage to learn more and for access to special promotions. 

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10.Fall Asleep Faster With DoDow

68% of Americans have trouble falling asleep at least one night per week. 27% do on daily basis. When you compound that with growing technology sleep problems are at a more acute level than ever. More adults are turning to drugs, and over the counter supplements to get a good night’s sleep.

Now there’s a scientifically proven way to get to sleep faster, while enjoying a deeper more restful sleep. It’s called DowDow. Here’s how it works:

Dodow uses a soft pulsating blue light that glows like a halo on your ceiling to naturally calm your mind and bring your nervous system back into balance. All you do is focus on the light and breath in when the halo grows and breath out when it shrinks. The pulsing blue light gradually slows your breathing until your body is relaxed enough to fall asleep on its own.

What’s better than a good night’s sleep?

Click here to learn more about DoDow and get up to 50% off your order.

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11.XY Find It - Locate Your Lost Items With Your Smartphone

Tired of losing your keys, wallet, or phone? You can make your valuables “findable” with XY Find It. This unique technology is changing the way people keep track of their valuables.

Attach the coin-sized XY4+ to any item you own. Open the XY Find It app on your smartphone and follow the instructions. With the press of a button, the app will let you know how far away you are from your XY beacon.

The app notifies your XY Find It device to make a beep, making it even easier to track down. You can also set your device to beep if you are separated from it. Now you don’t have to worry about leaving important valuables behind.

XY Find It connects your device with millions of other XY devices in the network. When one of the millions of users comes within range of your lost item, the XY Find It app will send you a location update of where your item is.You can also use XY Find It to ring your phone if you lose it, even if it’s on silent. 

Read more about XY Find It and learn how you can get up to 50% off your order. 

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12.KeySmart - The "Smart" Keychain

Keys are an essential part of everyday life, and it feels like the older you get the more you accumulate. Before you know it you have a bulky ring of assorted keys stuffed awkwardly into your pocket that jingles with every step you take.

But no matter how big that ring gets you still manage to misplace your keys at least once a day. Isn't it about time key chains got an upgrade?

The new KeySmart instantly reduces that bulky ring of keys into a sleek, pocket-friendly carrier. You simply install your keys into the carrier, and you're ready to roll. All your keys are organized and safely stored where they can scratch other items in your pocket.

Read more about KeySmart and check for available promotions. 

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13.Vivian Lou Insoles: High Heels Without The Hurt

For most women, high heels are a part of life. Unfortunately, so is the excruciating pain that comes along with wearing them. Every day, women suffer in the name of fashion and self-confidence. Thanks to Vivian Lou Insoles, women can now wear heels without the hurt.

Vivian Lou patented insoles work by shifting weight from the forefoot back to the heel. This balances the pressure distributed to the foot and virtually eliminates the pain. They are also impossible to see in open-toe and open back shoes, making them perfect for any occasion.

Vivian Lou has received high praise from heavyweights such as Forbes, Good Morning America and USA Today. They have even been tested and earned the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

If you’re a guy, these make a great gift for your significant other. The second she wears them she will notice the difference. If you a woman, these insoles will forever change the way you wear high heels.

Visit the Vivian Lou homepage to learn more and check for special promotions.

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14.1Tac - Roadside Safety Disc

If you've ever had a flat tire, car accident, or car break down you know the feeling of being helpless on the side of the road. Having a roadside emergency at dusk or at night is even more scary. The Tact1 roadside safety disc is a more modern version of the road flare that can help keep you safe during a roadside emergency.  

The Tact1 roadside safety disc can be seen by oncoming motorist from over 5,000 feet away. With 9 unique flashing modes, a 1,000-hour power lamp, and magnetic base, this is the device you want in your vehicle that can keep you and your family safe during a roadside emergency.

Visit the 1Tac homepage to check for special promotions. 

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15.GlowBowl - Transform Your Toilet Into A Night Light

This next trending gadget makes those midnight bathroom trips a little easier. GlowBowl fits on every toilet and has an automatic motion sensor to illuminate your bathroom with your choice of 13 beautiful colors. There’s also an automatic air freshener that leaves your bathroom smelling great.

This is the perfect and fun gift your kids, spouse, or parents would love to see in their stocking.

Click here to visit the GlowBowl homepage to check for special promotions. 

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16.VIZR - Transform Your Smartphone Into A Safe Driving Display

VIZR’s innovative technology transforms your smartphone into a heads-up display for your vehicle.VIZR is easy to use and works right out of the box. After you place VIZR on your dashboard you can place any smartphone on top of it and you’re in business. VIZR works with your smartphone to provide heads up display navigation using a transparent display that works well both during the day and night, rain or shine. It also keeps your phone secure and firmly in place while driving.

Click here to learn more about VIZR and check for special promotions. 

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17.ChargeHubGo+ - The On-The-Go Fast Phone Charger

In today’s connected world, few things are more frustrating than being suddenly cut out of the loop by a dead battery. We’re addicted to our devices… when they die, we cry.

Of course, we all know about portable chargers… but we also know they’re all terrible! Right? Current offerings are either too bulky, charge too slowly, have limited battery, or don’t allow you to charge both your phone and the charger at once (meaning you’ll almost always have a full phone battery or a full charger… but never both).

Boom! Introducing ChargeHubGO+: the only portable charger you’ll ever need. Featuring patented SmartSpeed® technology (which finds the optimal charging speed for each device without overpowering it), the ChargeHubGO+ checks all the boxes consumers are looking for in a power bank. It easily fits into your pocket, includes a wireless charging pad and cables for all USB types, packs 5000mAh worth of power and works on all electronic devices.

ChargeHubGO+ already has some excellent social proof, including features in Mashable, Inverse, Mac Sources, Android Guys, Salon and other publications.

Visit the ChargeHubGO+ homepage to get up to 40% off your order today. 

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