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About Us.


Help baby boomers live a life of optimal health, vitality and independence.



A world where baby boomers increase in vitality as they age rather than decrease so they can impact this world more positively and effectively.


How We Achieve This:

We help baby boomers age with greater health and energy than they had in their younger years. We do this by teaching the most effective strategies, belief patterns and mindset needed to increase health and vitality. We succeed when a baby boomer feels amazing in their body, mind and spirit at all times.


What We Call Our Community Members:

Good Lifers


I Am Statement:

I am a good lifer.


Feel Good Life Manifesto:

A good lifer is that courageous person inside every baby boomer that believes age is not a number, it is a feeling. Life is not a series of years stacked up but a series of experiences that have brought fulfillment to their life. Retirement is an opportunity to feel more, to be more, to enjoy more.

A good lifer is pain-free, full of spirit and smiles for no reason at all. S/he values the body they were given like a treasure and cares for it every day.

A good lifer is independent and strong.

A good lifer controls their thoughts and directs them towards positivity, impact and vitality. A good lifer does not complain about a situation but chooses to take responsibility for what they can control.

A good lifer seeks the natural approach to any ailment, whenever possible, and is proactive in learning alternative solutions to conventional medicine.

A good lifer realizes the wisdom they have gained over the years holds tremendous value for generations to come and desires to pass on this wisdom.

A good lifer still has much they want to accomplish, people they want to impact and love they want to share.