One bad habit that I’ve really tried to work on over the past few months is constantly looking at my phone before bed.

My wife Allison HATES it, and she’s got a good reason to…

It turns out the blue-and-white light that smartphones, tablets and laptops give off at night prevents our brains from releasing melatonin…

That’s the hormone that tells our bodies it’s night time.

Have you ever been tired all day, and then when you climb into bed and scroll through your phone, you suddenly feel wide awake? It’s because you’re actually tricking your brain! And it’s doing a number on our bodies, as well as our internal clocks.

Sleep experts strongly suggest you avoid looking at any screens for one hour before bed in order to fall asleep faster and have a better quality of sleep.

I’ve been trying it and I have to tell you… it actually DOES help you fall asleep faster!

I invite you to give this idea a shot. And take a look at this article that talks more about the dangers of blue-and-white light and how it affects your sleep quality.

In that link above, you can also learn about a woman who avoided looking at any screens from the time she left work until bedtime, every night, from Monday-Friday. She shares three big lessons she learned from the experience that you can definitely learn from!

Hopefully this will have a positive effect on your sleep, and overall well-being!


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