The 30 Day Fall Prevention Challenge for Seniors

The 30 Day Fall Prevention Challenge for Seniors | Feel Good Life with Coach Todd

One of the biggest fears seniors (and their families) have is how a single fall can dramatically transform their lives. Bruises, broken bones, and potentially life-threatening challenges loom over the risks of falling. But, you are not helpless! Written by: Coach Todd   While there are many strategies for mitigating the risk of falls like […]

4 Tips to Improve Shoulder Mobility

Feel Good Life - Coach Todd

Mobility is critical to increasing strength and preventing injuries. Novices normally focus primarily on how many push-ups and pull-ups they can do. Their plan for increasing strength centers around the number of reps they perform. Advanced fitness enthusiasts, on the other hand, understand that improving mobility is the key to developing strength and balance, AND […]

4 Bodyweight Exercises to Improve Hip Mobility

Feel Good Life - Coach Todd

Many people struggle with snapping, pain or stiff hips. Going through life and "dealing" with these ailments is not living optimally. My commitment is to helping you live the best life possible. That starts with living pain-free and with full mobility. Why Is Hip Mobility Important? The hips are the "shoulders" of the legs. They enable […]