Many people struggle with snapping, pain or stiff hips. Going through life and "dealing" with these ailments is not living optimally. My commitment is to helping you live the best life possible. That starts with living pain-free and with full mobility.

Why Is Hip Mobility Important?

The hips are the "shoulders" of the legs. They enable us to engage in a range of activities, from squatting to pose with your grand kids for a photo, to perfecting your golf game... even simply getting up from a chair without pain.

You've got to have mobile hips... period.

There are numerous benefits of improving hip mobility on a daily basis:

  1. Improving range of motion at the hip
  2. Preventing injury in the hips, knees and ankles
  3. Promoting recovery of the muscles, tendons and ligaments that surround the hips

Let's get this party started!

4 Bodyweight Exercises To Improve Hip Mobility

1. Elvis Thrusts

I'll start off with a couple of simple but powerful exercises, named after one of the greatest rock icons of all time - Elvis. I'm actually more of a Hendrix fan and much preferred his music over Elvis', but the King sure knew how to gyrate his hips! That's why I named this exercise after him.

IMPORTANT: The first two exercises here are meant to improve mobility of the tendons and ligaments that surround the hip, NOT the muscles. Elvis Thrusts and Elvis Rotations (below) are very small movements. There should be minimal movement of the lower back. There will be some movement, but you should feel the stretch exclusively in the hip joint. If that's not the case, your lower back is rocking too much.

2. Elvis Rotations

This exercise is very similar to Elvis Thrusts, except there will be a rotation movement.


22 Responses

  1. Videos so helpful. I’m 75 & need both knees & hips replaced, but due to other medical concerns I’m a poor risk for surgery. You make the exercises so low key & doable…I’m in hopes I can get some increase in flexibility & strength, & decrease the pain. I’m just getting started & I may be slow but I have hopes.

  2. I think these are great hip mobility exercises. Love them. But have a doubt, should I do these everyday. My workout schedule is 3 days weight training and 3 days cross fit. Please advise

  3. Hi there Todd,

    This is Patricia Wilson. I purchased your Feel Good Knees and Feel Good Body. I’ve been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in both my hips. My question is how many times a day can I do these exercises? Is it possible to do more harm if I overdo?

    Thank you Todd!

    1. Hi Patricia! The key is listening to your body. These exercises should make you feel good so never push through pain. As long as it isn’t painful, it’s totally safe to do a few times per day.

  4. Hi there, thanks for the help. In Reeling silk do my feet rotate in the direction of my knee, I can’t see your feet in the video.

  5. These hip exercises were great. I have a total LK and RH replacement and have developed a painful bursar on my left hip. With a single shot of cortisone and PTx a year ago the bursar got better to the point it wasn’t an issue. During the COVID shutdown and inactivity it’s back with a persistent vengeance. Any suggestions?

  6. How are your feet placed in the Reeling Silk exercise? Are they pointed away from your body or straight ahead?

  7. Dear Tod,
    Just got your knee program yesterday and know that these hip exercises will be an integral addition to the routine. Thanks so much for your consideration and generosity.
    I am a Canadian and at seventeen started my dance career as a Rockette at Radio City in New York. Hundreds of eye high kicks contributed to my present bone on bone knees and hip pain. Other than that I’m grateful to be in good health as I approach eighty-seven in September. Decided not to have knee surgery and to tough it out. I am enthused with your program and feel confident that it will see me through my remaining years in a more mobile and able condition. I taught dance for 50 years in my studio so the exercises will be within my grasp in spite of my age.
    Again, thanks so much.
    Diane Sheehan.

  8. Thank you.
    I t was hard to follow the Reeling Silk. I think if I could see your feet it would help : )

    Thank you for all your help.

  9. Will try may I say what’s joy it was to click on the link and be taken directly to the information none of the frustration of listening thro a 20 mins self aggrandisement video full of endorsements before you get to see what you are promised. Thank you. Utsula

  10. OMG Todd I’ve only done the exercises 3 times but what a difference they have already made. I’ve been practising yoga for a long time and no matter how flexible I’d get my lower back and hips just kept feeling stiff. I woke up this morning thinking ‘how odd I can’t really feel much pain in my lower back or stiffness’. Thank you for sharing. If you have anything that could also help with rather difficult hamstrings that would be great. Once again thank you for sharing.

  11. These are great exercises after doing the normal daily exercises. Like you said, everything is loosened up before I do these exercises.

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